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Basketball Schedule:

December 1st (Tues.) St. Mary's Aiken Away 6:30pm
December 4th (Fri.) Augusta Prep Away TBD
December 8th (Tues.) Westminster Away 5pm
December 10th (Thurs.) EDS Away 5pm
December 14th (Mon.) Augusta Christian Away 4pm
January 7th (Thurs.) St. Mary's Augusta Away 6pm
January 12th (Tues.) St. Mary's Aiken St. Mary's Aiken Away 6:30pm
January 16th (Sat.) Augusta Prep Away 10:30am
January 19th (Tues.) Westminster Away 5pm
January 26th (Tues.) EDS Away 5:30pm
January 28th (Thurs.) St. Mary's Augusta Away 6pm
January 29th-30th Playoffs TBD TBD

As a COVID precaution, schools will be limiting the number of fans able to attend games for each team. Because of this, we will only be allowing basketball team parents/guardians and our staff members to attend games.

Parents/guardians will be given priority when purchasing tickets (limited to two tickets per player unless otherwise discussed). Afterwards an email will be sent out to teachers letting them know how many tickets are still available.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Chris at crobinson@heritageacademyaugusta.org